The Connection Between Creativity, Communities & Conversation!

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It’s no secret that the places that we’ve been influence us. The people that we become have a lot to do with from where, and how, we were raised. There are positive and negative outlooks that can be traced to where and how we grew up. The fullness of the people we are, and who we are becoming finds its origin in tradition, culture and sometimes physical location. Many people growing up in the south have similar experiences as it relates to family, friends and outlooks.


But because we are all unique and distinct individuals, we may have many different views of similar events. Depending on the part of the south that you lived in, you may have an entirely different impression than someone else. The Belhaven Bridge Site allows people familiar with eastern North Carolina to join in discussion with one another. At the same time, this site provides people with similar experiences around the world to connect.


Sparks of Creativity


Creativity can be seen through many different mediums. Artwork is one of the most popular outlets when it comes to creativity. At the same time writing, whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc., is one of the world’s oldest expressions of creativity. Personal background, culture and tradition serve as inspiration for writing. These things have sparked the creation of countless books, novels, ideas, inventions, etc., over the centuries. Connecting with others is one way to learn and share as you develop your creative outlets.


Similar Communities


Small communities in every region of the United States have similarities. There’s something about small town life, people’s attitudes and culture that is unique. Communities are diverse in distinct ways, as well. They may only be miles apart and produce very different ways of life. Connecting with people who have related experiences, no matter where they grew up, encourages positive discussion.


Dynamic Conversation


Positive conversation is the most dynamic and produces a lot of conversation. This is true whether the subject matter is particularly positive or not. Creative people can use versatile conversations to grow their creative skills. The Belhaven Bridge Site is a great location to learn from others, while building connections. These can be instrumental when it comes to developing writing, art or other bits of creativity.


If there’s a book idea in every person, and I believe there is, then The Belhaven Bridge is a great place to find inspiration. As we connect through creativity and discussions, perhaps a new book will be developed by members each year. Let’s start the conversation!



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