The Belhaven Bridge is a very creative and unique way of articulating the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the fundamentals of Christianity. It is the story of a young boy (Jeremy Pepper) born and initially raised in the urban cities of New York, who finds his faith and concept of Christianity being developed as the result of poverty, fear, and the suspicion both his parents may be descendants of a secret colony of witches, voodoo priests, and root workers. For Jeremy, the journey was challenging and at times frightening. Particularly, since his family seemed to exercise commitment to a very subtle religious devotion that seemed quite inconsistent with the Christian terms they used to describe it. In fact, their superstitious practices were in direct conflict with Jeremy’s self-obtained view of Christianity. But was it witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, or some other form of deception? The Belhaven Bridge, while fiction, is adventurous, filled with mysterious and unexpected twists, as well as, contains concepts that are periodically autobiographical. This is the 10 year anniversary edition and is still quite hilarious. 

The Author is from Brooklyn, New York by way of Belhaven, North Carolina. He and his family moved to Belhaven in 1979.  He is a former pastor and currently serves in a Federal law enforcement agency (for almost 25 years). within the U. S. Department of Justice. He believes effective ministry (which is to serve, not be served) happens beyond the “four walls” of religious institutions and happens at ground zero” in human lives through personal and professional relationships. Sean Ensley routinely travels throughout the United States. He and his wife travel around the world building relationships, pursuing business opportunities, enjoying life, and connecting with good folks everywhere.

The BIG ONE ...One choice can change everything. Bex is comfortable with her life as she knows it. She has her job, her dog, her home, and her best friend Chris, who she is closer to than anyone else. When he starts to act differently, she can tell that something is wrong that will affect them both. But Bex could never have anticipated the decision that Chris is about to make.

Life can’t always be predicted or prepared. Resolving relationships and achieving self-awareness often requires sacrifice and facing fears. Join Bex and Chris on this uncertain journey of love, despair, discovery, and resolution that affects them, their families and friends. This will change both of their lives forever, and things will NEVER be the same.

The Author, Kailah Ensley, has been writing since childhood and wrote her first novel at the age of 12, which is also the year she started her college career. At age 15, Kailah earned degrees in Social Work and Social Sciences. She attended Lee College in Texas and as the youngest graduate in the college's history, was inducted in their prestigious Hall of Fame. Kailah now lives with her family in Maryland. This is her first published novel and she is excited about all the writings she currently has in her creative pipeline.

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