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What It Takes?

A daughter, a wife, a mother…                                                                  

Learning right and wrong

What it takes to be a daughter

Learning servitude and to be true

What it takes to be a wife

Learning to nurture, hold, and then let go

What it takes to be a mother

What it takes to be…

A daughter, a wife, a mother.

By Athelda Ensley

Timeless Voices,

Copyright © 2006 International Library

of Poetry


Do you know who you are?
Do you know what you are?
I wonder this sometimes
What is the purpose of this life we lead together?

Simply a hand touch
Or the feel of the sun on your face
Sand and the beach
Memories that only fade if you let them

You have been running for a long time
Flesh and bone have joined
Fear has become ice
Hesitation, paralysis
You are better than this

You can hear me when you close your eyes
My voice echoes against the walls
As you sit in your room
The walls open up and there is fog

You can use your hands to build
You can use your hands to fight
Some of your enemies exist inside of you
The rest are smaller than they appear

They are just shadows
Blink your eyes and you will see
They use smoke and mirrors to scare you
And be careful, objects are closer
Than they appear

Slow your breathing, I have said
Sit with me and relax your muscles
As you sit next to me, close your eyes
And feel the power of the silence

Breathe, close your eyes, breathe
It is only a dream; lay your head
And your heart in my lap
For when you awaken, I will be there

By Kailah Ensley, All Poetry 2015
© Genuine Works

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